DIY Dressing Room

If you’re anything like us then you will have saved loads of pictures of the dream closet, walk-in wardrobe and ultimate dressing room on your Pinterest boards! The stuff of dreams you may think but in this blog our Kelly tells us how she achieved her dressing room goals on a budget.

‘Our current home was a big renovation project and from early on I had earmarked the spare bedroom for my dressing room. I wanted to achieve that luxury feel of a walk-in wardrobe and longed to have a big space to display all of my clothes and a hair and make-up station.

Walk in Wardrobe

Here’s how we did it:

Head over to IKEA. This is actually the most stressful part of the whole process but important so you can select the right  options – make it a quick trip then order online and get it all delivered!

Check out the PAX range – it’s available in a choice of colours and finishes and you can pimp it up with lighting and jewellery trays adding sliding doors if you prefer to hide it all away. I wanted an open plan walk-in wardrobe so I went for a combo of mostly short hanging space, some long for maxi dresses & a space for my wedding dress to live, then some drawers for my basics and shoe cubes. Total spend for this rather large area was £800 – compared to a quote we had of £3,000 – I would rather spend the difference on filling it with clothes!

Ok so the assembly takes some thought and planning (and a lot of patience) but the end result is well worth it. If you have a handy helper that’s a bonus for the tall bits. A fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with a glass of red wine while the roast dinner is in the oven!

Ikea wardrobe hack

I really wanted a luxury seating area too and found this gold settee from MADE  – it’s great because the backrest drops down and makes a bed, perfect for when you have overnight guests.

I created this group of prints to jazz up the wall area, there are loads available on Etsy – you buy the files you like then download and print them off yourself. I went for gold highlights to match in with the seating area but there are so many options to choose from so pick a theme that works for you – monochrome, bright or metallic.


Word art

A few quick tips:

Use the high parts and the top of the units to keep items you don’t use very often like hats, swimwear, spare handbags.

Rearrange every now and then and you might uncover some hidden gems you had forgotten about.

Group items in style, colour or season for easy access and a neat finish.


dressing room

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