At home with Kelly – ‘White Out’

Mixing white, marble and more white.

Amongst all the grey, cosy corners, statement wallpaper and dark upholstry I have in my home, the flash of clean, shiny white in the kitchen certainly brightens things up.


Now, when it comes to choosing a kitchen colour, white is white right? Wrong! There are so many shades of white, snow white, polar white, brilliant white, off-white, warm white, winter white, all white, new white, strong white… and that’s just a few of them!

To contrast against the bright white that we chose – I love the impact of the long grey veins running through the marble. Whilst this bold choice is very on trend right now in kitchens I am also counting on it being fairly timeless given the HUGE investment this room took to complete. Our justification for the expensive choices is that in our open plan home this really is the centre piece and perfect for entertaining which my husband and I enjoy doing.

Being so open we wanted to ensure all of our appliances were hidden away behind the doors which open up and fold away when in use. Kelly's Kitchen

These statement copper lights add a warm glow to the starkness but word of warning before you invest in funky light fittings – the replacement bulbs cost a fortune!

Feature Lights

I found the ideal matching white toaster and kettle which are the only accessories permanently on show – the coffee machine has been relegated to the utility room because you guessed it – it wasn’t quite the right shade of white!

Our starting point for research was Pinterest and when I look back to our inspirations I am happy we achieved our version of this bold design!


White on White

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