Gin, gin & more gin!

A peek inside Kelly’s gin tray…

‘As you can see from this little collection, we take our gin quite seriously and whilst its fast becoming Britain’s most popular drink, we have been fans for a while now and pick up a bottle on most UK trips away!

gin tray display

Without getting too technical, the flavours of gin come from the botanicals used to make them during the distilling process and the way you serve them is really key to bringing those flavours out so its good to ask what the distillery recommends.

black snuck gin

Juniper is the key botanical that gives gin its flavour but there are dozens of other ingredients that are often used, sometimes quite powerful like cardamon, liquorice, cinnamon, coriander and citrus fruits to name a few.


I always drink my gin with Schweppes slimline tonic – as lovely as Fever Tree is, it’s full of sugar and changes the taste! I love my gin and tonic with a sprig of thyme and a blackberry or a fresh slice of grapefruit and lots of ice!

Pink gin is always great with a couple of raspberries – these Pinkster boozy berries are perfect or use them in a retro trifle! A few fresh mint leaves is another favourite or the classic lemon, lime or long wide ribbons of cucumber.

The glass is also very important! For me it has to be one of these little cut crystal short glasses in the winter or a large red wine glass in Summer months – don’t ask why the season makes a difference!

gin tray

Sager & Wilde on Paradise Row in East London offer a great gin tasting experience, really informative and fab nibbles to soak it all up!

My 3 favourites from my collection –

Pinkster – Infused with raspberries it’ really refreshing and fruity, delicious served with mint leaves.


Cotswolds – A really drinkable clean and balanced gin and works with any garnishes.

Whitley Neill – This gin is full of flavour, made with African botanicals and made in a one hundred year old copper pot!



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