vegas 6If you’ve never been, you may need to book a week off work when you return to recover.. Vegas has destroyed the best of us… nothing compares to the Vegas hangover – and it doesn’t exist while you’re there but boy does it hit you hard when you’re home.

To be honest, we don’t do it now like we once did, but you can’t help getting caught up in the bright lights and excitement of the adult’s playground. Not a gambler myself but the rules don’t apply in Vegas. It’s fun to do the party scene, live off barely any sleep and put all your money on red (only to lose…) but when it comes to what else there is there here are a few pointers:


Every hotel has an abundance of shops, catering to the more fortunate gamblers among us, or maybe just the clientele with some holiday spending money.

Caesar’s Palace Forum is probably one of my favourites for shopping, a nice mix of high end designer from Gucci, Louboutin and Valentino to high street basics at H&M. Also walk through the Palazzo that runs into the Venetian, treat yourself to a gelato while you’re in there, and a gondola ride of course to really get the Vegas/ Venetian experience!


vegas 4The Cosmopolitan has to be my favourite hotel, closely followed by The Wynn Encore. Two very different styles of hotel at opposite ends of the strip. The Cosmo just tops it with super views of the Vegas Strip and the infamous Belaggio fountains. It also has the best nightlife without having to leave your hotel.

vegas 3


STK is a favourite of mine with steak to die for, here it’s situated in the Cosmopolitan of course and has a lively, party vibe.stk

Another gem of theirs is the newly opened Beauty In Essex, it’s gained a real celeb following in New York and I have no doubt it will do the same here.

The Chandelier Bar for pre or post dinner drinks is the perfect option at The Cosmo for just feeling ridiculously opulent surrounded by thousands of chandelier crystals.

vegas 2

Before heading back to your room to sleep, we have been known to squeeze in breakfast, yes, after dinner… a club, some gambling, some more drinking and then sobering up.. And The Wicked Spoon caters to your every need when your palettes are all craving different things, this buffet option offers everything from porridge to a hog roast, sushi and so much more.

We’re not going to pretend Vegas is a multi-dimensional city, it is what it is, and we love it! Be prepared for it to chew you up and spit you out, but leave you wanting to return!

vegas 1

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