Games Night

Top tips for a fun night..

Whether you’re doing an informal dinner or a posh, fancy do, games are always a great idea to lighten the mood and get people in the party spirit. And you can easily turn them into drinking games if you really want to liven things up!


Start the night with a cocktail- Love a lychee martini and easy peasy to make, equal amounts of lychee liquer, vodka and sugar syrup or juice from the lychee tin, served with a lychee of course! Shaken, not stirred..


Dress the room for a party, balloons/pom poms/table confetti.. whatever takes your fancy. Your guests will know they are there to party as soon as they walk in!

Here are a few of my fave games for an evening of laughs..


Face mats- buy them on amazon or any toy store, a silly but ridiculously funny game that requires zero thought or skill, just wear them on your face, take selfies and have a giggle. (Hopefully you share my sense of humour!)

Dipsticks- A great dinner party game that comes in various different themes/categories. It’s easy to play, just pull out a stick and get the party going, I like the Music version to get everyone singing along!

After dinner puzzles- I pick up little tins like this whenever I see them, usually find them in cook shops or on amazon especially at Christmas time. Great to get kids involved too.

Speak Out- Putting in a mouth guard and trying to get your team to identify what silly phrase you are struggling to say- It’s all the rage right now! It will honestly have you crying with laughter. And yes you have your own mouth guard, not a game where you want to be sharing! This one is best saved for later in the night after you’ve had a few drinks!

Enjoy the party!


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