Jewellery Organisation Hacks

We are all guilty of wearing the same old jewellery day in day out, and when it comes to accessorising an outfit my downfall has never been that I don’t have the right thing it has just been actually finding it in my collection, until now! It was always a tangled bunch of necklaces or a missing earring, empty boxes and tarnished bracelets that have been unworn in a drawer for years.

This spring I finally got round to having a big sort out, something that had been on my ‘to-do’ list forever, it felt sooo good to cross it off, and it went hand in hand with my wardrobe detox this season. It had to be done!

These are all such useful tools I had to share. I have a lot of costume jewellery, and some more sentimental or valuable but I can now easily see it all when I’m getting ready. The earring holder I found on Amazon for about £7!!  It came from China and took about 2 weeks but honestly another 2 weeks was nothing when this is a job I’ve been meaning to do for so long!


Then this necklace stand was the most practical I found because it has 3 rails at different heights and as you can see I have quite a lot of hanging jewellery! It’s Umbra, also from Amazon, and was under £20.

It would obviously look a lot neater if it were just used for pretty display purposes and you had a lot less jewellery on it but I was thinking practicality, but still something that looks nice. And my dressing room has white and gold accents so although you can’t see it as it’s now buried in jewellery, it fit the bill!

Finally, these perspex drawers are so handy! I also use them for all my make up, you can stack them up and they just make everything look neat, plus you can see through them so don’t open every drawer before finding what you need. And they are £6 from Wilko!!!!

So get sorting and i’m sure you’ll discover some forgotten treasures along the way!

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