Empire State of Mind

Some pointers for a top weekend away in the concrete jungle where dreams are made…


If you fancy a lively party brunch then head to BAGATELLE in the meatpacking district for endless boozing and a buzzing atmosphere!

For an old school classic brunch with a superb coffee instead of bloody marys and prosecco then just round the corner is KOBRICK a much more low key venue but a fantastic little brekkie spot.

BALTHAZAR is another favourite and perfect for a spot of shopping on Mercer St afterwards.



Be a tourist and walk the highline, great to see the city from a different aspect and avoid the crowds down below!

Another tourist must is to take out a rowing boat on the lake in Central Park, and after all that physical exertion reward yourself with a glass of something bubbly at THE BOATHOUSE.

Admire the street art as you walk the city, it’s insane!

WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK is my favourite spot for sitting on a bench listening to the jazz bands, preferably eating cake or drinking New York coffee like a local.



A couple of favourite restaurants from a recent trip were BEAUTY & ESSEX hidden within an old pawn shop, it’s where the cool kids hang out, and CATCH another hotspot, and the food is to die for, rock shrimp tempura that lives up to Nobu standards!

MINETTA TAVERN in Greenwich Village is my go to for a hangover lunch and undoubtedly the BEST burger I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot.

For curry fans, THE BOMBAY BREAD BAR on Spring Street is for you, authentic, delicious Indian food in a cool relaxed setting.


When you get the weather a rooftop bar is hard to beat.. and summer in the city is all about enjoying the sunsets from up above..

PUBLIC is my favourite, great vibes, exclusive but not to the point where you would struggle to get in and seriously good moscow mules.IMG_8293

Another great rooftop which I was disappointed not to get to this time is THE REFINERY also a great spot for lunch by the pool.



Top Tip

Take your pedometer! You’ll be amazed at the steps you take whilst you’re exploring the city and feel a lot less guilty about all the over indulging- well that’s what holidays are for!




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