by Emma Robinson

It’s summer holiday time and what is better than chilling out on a sunlounger with a cocktail in one hand and a great book in the other?

I try to alternate a bit of a blockbuster story with a non-fiction business based book. I’m also quite partial to a dip into the self-help section!

This little edit is my top 5 selection of recent reads that I would recommend getting stuck into this Summer!

My Story  (By Jo Malone)


I raced through this autobiography, I was so intrigued and excited to learn about how Jo created the hugely successful brand she then went on to sell before starting all over again with her new business venture Jo Loves. She tells the story of her journey from humble roots to millionaire businesswoman. I found her desire and determination to work hard whilst enjoying the journey extremely inspiring – to know that she persevered and overcame the challenges she faced along the way with an unrelenting spirit.


What I Know For Sure (By Oprah Winfrey)



She knows her stuff does Oprah – and this little book is full of her reflections on life many of which really make sense and hit home with me. Taking time out to read and reflect a couple of pages in this way helps me to unwind and appreciate that the little things in life are so important.  One of my ‘delightful treasures’ is a piping hot skinny vanilla latte in the morning when I’ve dropped the kids to school – these ‘ahhh moments’ are what we all need to recharge, reflect and take a second to just breathe!

The Break (By Marian Keyes)IMG_0075

It seems to have been a while since Marian’s last novel so I was chuffed to find this book at the airport before our summer holiday this year! It fell in the pool when I was trying to hoist myself onto a lilo with book still in hand – and it survived although is now a little battered! I was actually laughing out loud in the early chapters as she sets the scene in Ireland and you soon warm to the main character whose husband wants to take a 6 month break from their marriage! How rude! How will she feel when he decides to return? Will she wait for him while he’s gone? An easy read with a few raunchy bits – my husband was looking over my shoulder at one particularly rude part wondering what filth I was reading! Lol! Just be careful who might be looking over your shoulder with this one!

She Means Business (By Carrie Green)

A must-read for aspiring female entrepreneurs! Whatever type of business you are in and no matter what stage you are at – this book is full of tips and practical advice to get you started and keep you focused. Carrie’s inspiring, motivational approach makes you feel as though she has your back and really wants you to succeed. Reading this book helped give me the confidence I needed to make difficult decisions with my business and the courage to shift course at a time when I felt a little lost and uncertain. So thanks for that Carrie!


The Woman I Wanted To Be (By Diane Von Furstenberg)

An amazingly honest and insightful look into the lady behind the iconic wrap dress told in her own words. This book details how she came to create her incredibly successful luxury brand and the challenges she faced along the way. Diane has led an exciting and exotic life but makes the reader feel as though she could be your friend. I enjoyed this book so much I knew while reading it that I would visit it again and it remains by my bedside as motivation to follow your dreams and believe in yourself!

So they are my first top 5 – hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have! x

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