My Top 5 places to go on the Greek party island…

Nammos- You may have seen it all over the gram, let that be enough of a reason to make you want to pay a visit! But honestly I can confirm it has some of the best party vibes on the island, just don’t expect your table booking to mean anything, the place is rammed and we were seated nearly 3hrs late! Enjoy the overpriced cocktails and some amazing people watching while you whet your appetite!


Principote- Maybe not so insta-famous but wow it should be… If you want a chilled afternoon at a cool beach club, fab setting and rose allll day then this is your spot. Eat, drink, then take a beach nap.. ahhhh this is the good life!




Bonbonierre- If you’re up for a proper party then this is where it’s at. We were dancing on tables next to Lynsey Lohan and Instagram influencers I couldn’t name but know I follow.. oh so cool…!



Jackie O’s- For a night of delicious food, drinks and dancing with a drag act thrown in for good measure, add this to your list of must do’s. If you don’t have enough nights for another dinner head there for lunch and nestle down on a poolside bed for the afternoon.

Check out Jackie O’s bar in town too for some throwback 80’s tunes and dancing ’til your feet hurt

Kensho Psarou- Another hidden gem, overshadowed by it’s bigger more bustling next door neighbour Nammos.. But you have to give this place a chance, live music over lunch with beach views and impeccable service. You have to order the sweetcorn side!!

by Kelly Hills

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