10 Questions for Jodie @ Fringe

A short Q&A with one of our favourite Yogis, Jodie from Fringe…

When did you start doing Yoga and when did you open your own studios?

I first started practicing yoga 20 years ago, I qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2005. I opened my first studio with Emma Dilloway in 2011, this was the Yoga Vibe Hot Studio and the first studio where I piloted the fringe.method.

In 2015 I opened the first fringe.yoga studio at Redrick’s Lakes with Raquelle Gracie and then in 2018 I opened the flagship Epping Studio.

What inspired you to have your own Yoga business?

It was just a gradual progression over the past 14 years from qualifying to to starting a few classes part-time, then going full-time in 2008, then leading my first retreat in 2009, opening the first studio in 2011 and from there it has now grown into 3 Studios nationwide plus two fringe.hub studios that are our first franchise ventures. We now run 200hr yoga teacher trainings, worldwide retreats, weekly workshops, events, CPD’s and over 70 fringe.yoga classes each week!

We love the look of your retreats, where do you normally do them and how do they work?

The retreats are worldwide, so far I have lead 13 in Morocco, 2 in Ibiza and one in France, Goa, Sri Lanka and most recently a really popular Detox & Yoga retreat in Turkey. 

They all have very different feels to them, some are more like a yoga holidays; just twice daily yoga with the rest of the day spent chilling on the beach/by the pool, some involve other activities like walking, surfing or lifecoaching. This year our retreats are focusing on cleansing and detox and we are collaborating with some fantastic experts at venues that are set up for detox.

What’s the best part of your job?

The community that the studios create and the journeys I see people go on personally during retreats and teacher trainings.

Who in life inspires you?

I have so many inspiring women around me, most of my team are mothers and the way they all juggle being awesome caregivers, teachers and often other ‘normal’ jobs too is incredible. They inspire me and are all wonder women.

Do you face challenges as a working mum or do you feel you have a flexible job so manage to juggle family/work life well?

Yes, it’s really tough, I am constantly working, but to be honest I think that is just how life is nowadays… we are all so available. Therefore it’s really important to carve out digital free time with kids and family so we can really be fully present with them.

You’re often travelling for work or play, where is your favourite destination and where is your next trip?

My favourite destination is Ibiza and we are off there next month with this year’s FYTT (Fringe.Yoga Teacher Training) group. Our next public retreat is to the stunning Wildview Retreat in Portugal’s Algarve in October.

What’s your favourite thing to do in your ‘down time’ other than yoga.

I love a night out with friends, good food, dancing and theatre. I also love listening to inspiring podcasts, reading and a gripping Netflix series!

What’s your guilty pleasure in terms of food?

Diablo sugar-free Chocolate & Hazelnut spread… from the jar!!

Where would you like to be and what would you like to be doing 10 years from now?

Living in the Balearics, running a retreat and training centre.

For more information about Fringe & their upcoming workshops & retreats check out their website fringe.yoga & follow them on Instagram

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