We are Emma Robinson & Kelly Hills with a combined 20 years experience working in the fashion industry. Most of that has been in Emma’s shop where Kelly has been Manager pretty much since the beginning.

We started as I Am So Fly… in Loughton, Essex with a womenswear boutique and in 2016 launched a new website and moved location to Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire (closer to Emma’s home) re-branding to Fly Style.

Over the years, through the doors of our shop we have met ALOT of women! We have built close relationships with customers who rely on our seasonal buying expertise and styling advice.

We are our own target customers and have first-hand experience of the transitions women go through in life as we moved on from party-loving early 20’s to settling down,  marriage and motherhood, then emerging the other side suddenly in our 30’s ready to embrace the next stage and determined to do it in style.

We believe that taking care of yourself should be a priority because as women we are often multi-tasking, playing a number of roles at any one time (boss, wife, mum, daughter, colleague, friend) and for some reason you feel better equipped to deal with life when you also look the part. We can definitely help you achieve your style goals so you can tick that off your long, never-ending To-Do list!

Emma & Kelly About Us


‘I opened our first shop in 2009 without any prior retail or fashion experience! Crazy you may think but I’d had a long time to think about it, make a plan and save some money before I took the plunge and resigned from my job as a Chartered Surveyor working in Covent Garden.

Working in one of the most famous areas in London for a great company was ideal in my early 20’s and I learned so much and enjoyed showing potential clients around shops and offices but something inside me knew that it wasn’t my destiny and I longed to be my own boss, build a career out of a passion and something that would work around my future plans to have a family.

So here we are almost 10 years later and now married, with 2 children who have practically grown up in the shop and moving into a new phase of life as they are both now at school full time. I can tell you that is has been such a crazy journey and definitely not an easy one juggling running a business and being a mum but I think it’s all been worth it!

For me the fun builds as we start to plan out the upcoming season, visiting showrooms, trade shows and pouring over look books, pulling together outfits  from a carefully selected group of brands. We try to be true to our style when picking stock whilst being quality and price conscious – we ask ourselves ‘Would we buy it and wear it?’ and if the answer is Yes then it usually ends up on our shop rails! I enjoy creating the full look head to toe and you will often see my inspo posts on Instagram & Facebook!

Over the years we have been able to design and manufacture some of our own in-house brands and these have often been bestsellers in the shop which has now given us the confidence to build and grow our own label STYLECRUSH. The opportunity to create a range of clothing, accessories and lifestyle products all of our own  – is beyond exciting!

In sharing more about what I do and how I do it, I hope to help and inspire others to find their own sense of personal style in all areas of life, whether it’s by managing the work/life/mum balance or taking a little time out for yourself to indulge in feeling and looking your best!’

Emma Robinson


‘I love fashion! That’s why I studied for a Fashion Merchandising degree after school & spent time in Hong Kong studying how the industry works. I’ve worked for large corporate fashion companies but much prefer the personal environment of a smaller store & being involved in all aspects of the business.

The buzz I get at a buying appointment planning our new collections for the shop & then 6 months later when it all arrives in store, dressing our customers in the outfits we have envisaged – is what it’s all about.

Making women feel good about themselves and helping them find their personal style with my help is a great feeling!

For me there is nothing better than seeing the difference an outfit can make to someone’s confidence, attitude and mood. The way we dress is one of the most powerful ways we express ourselves and I love being a part of that for my customers.’

Kelly Hills Bio

As well as us full-timers we have an amazing team of Fly Stylists & Contributors who we will introduce you to in other posts!

We hope you like our style and want to read more  – not just within the fashion world but also posts about our other passions, Interiors, Travel, Food & our spin on just about anything we think is FLY!