Do you open your wardrobe looking for answers but are left feeling overwhelmed or uninspired?

Do you sometimes feel as though you are not making the most of yourself and it is getting you down?

Want to feel good all the time (even on down days) and create a wardrobe that works for your lifestyle?

Well we have put together a selection of our styling services to help you whatever your fashion goals are.

We can work with your personal requirements creating outfits for specific events, work trips, holiday packing and even dressing the whole family!

Think Gok Wan or Trinny & Susannah but it’s Kelly and Emma. We will let you decide who is who. But we promise not to make you stand in front of a mirror in your bra and knickers or grab your wobbly bits! We feel good when you feel good so it’s ALL GOOD! Get in touch and we will make it happen.

Styling is a real passion of ours and we are constantly reviewing trends, the new arrivals at all ends of the fashion market and then translating that into our version of wearable, affordable outfits with a fly twist.

We also offer a bespoke option so if you have an unusual brief, limited timescale or budget.

Available within London, Essex, Hertfordshire & M25 but we will travel further afield so do get in touch if you have a query ( or 01279 898 480).

Wardrobe Detox – £50 per hour (min 2 hours)

A one to one wardrobe makeover session is a great place to start your style upgrade journey allowing us to get the most out of your existing clothes and accessories. Together we will sort through what should stay and what can go or be re-styled. We will then re-organise your closet and drawers in the most efficient way. A great option is to send the best of your unwanted items to a second-hand clothes agency -a great way of making some money back! A thorough wardrobe detox on an average sized closet usually takes 3 hours.

Styling Appointment – £50 per hour (min 1 hour)

A nice way to follow up from our Wardrobe Detox because that way we have the best idea of what you currently have in your closet, your shopping habits and comfort zone. From there we will create new looks and ways to wear clothes that you may not have thought about before. We will photograph outfits that we create and follow our appointment up with a personalised report and photos as a reference point for you to keep and refer to.


Personal Shopping – £50 per hour (min 3 hours)

Sometimes shopping trips can be overwhelming, especially when you are out looking for something particular. Internet shopping can also be daunting – sure clothes look great on the gorgeous, size 8 models – but will that fit also work for you? How often do you add items to your basket only to abandon cart at the very end when it comes to committing to the purchase because you’re just not sure?

Our aim is to take the stress out of the situation for you, before any shopping day we will ask you to complete a quick questionnaire to make sure we get the most out of your experience. A great next step from the Wardrobe Detox or Styling Session because we will then have a better understanding of your body shape, lifestyle and budget.

We can meet you in a local town or at a local shopping centre, have a catch up over a cuppa, outline our plan of action and then set off on a fun shopping trip together.

The aim at the end of the session is to have created an amazing capsule wardrobe for you – with looks that will take you to any occasion.

If you would rather not go shopping at all then we are happy to shop on your behalf and bring to you so you can try in the comfort of your own home. You pay for what you keep and we return the rest.


Fly Style Pop-Up Shops (min 3 hours)

We bring our boutique to you!

It won’t cost you anything to host a pop-up shop so it’s a fab way to add an exciting twist to a charity event, fayre or corporate do. We also find our pop-ups perfect for salons, gyms or studios. Inviting 10 to 20 guests is a nice amount of people for a pop-up allowing us to offer a personal service.

We will come fully armed with our shopping tips and shop knowledge so can help with any style dilemmas. We are happy to talk through our collections and the latest trends at the beginning of the pop-up to set the mood. Add a fun twist by telling each guest to bring a piece of clothing they own but struggle to wear – we can show them a new way to style it or they might decide to swap with a friend!

​We are happy to host within your home and can tailor what we bring to suit your guests offering a range of product at different price points. Get your girlfriends together and we  we can create a really fun morning or evening.